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Kidney failure is one kind does not see more but the disease with particularly big impact, in the patientShanghai noble baby

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During coming on, can appear even anaemic such problem. And kidney failure besides should have active treatment besides, in daily life, it is certain to also need to had been done in dietary respect nurse the job, if those who eat is right, can recuperate the body even, alleviate illness! The food and drink that kidney failure introduces for everybody below recuperates a method!

Kidney declines what does anaemia eat

1, limitative water portion

If the uric quantity of eduction decreases, the liquid that enters via the mouth stops inside body, create body dropsy, blood pressure elevatory, even lobar oedema, right now, must restrict everyday liquid intake, it is advisable that the liquid amount that absorbs via the mouth normally approximates quantity of full day micturition to add 500cc greatly.

2, food of high grade low albumen

Decline to chronic kidney the patient promotes food of high grade albumen, contain a lot ofthe protein of indispensible and amino acid namely. Wait like milk, egg, lean lean, cruelly oppress. The flesh anhydride that protein intake wants to occupy a patient cleared rate tries to adjust. Normally proposal protein absorbs a quantity to be every kilogramsShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Weight 0.6 fair grams, for example weight is 50 kilograms, criterion everyday protein is absorbed should control for 30 grams. Absorb an amount in protein at the same time below rigid limitation, must careful choose protein origin, ability is used adequately by human body, proposal at least the 2/3 of daily allowance is supplied by high quality protein. The food that contains a lot ofvegetable protein is like earthnut, legume and goods: Skin of bean curd, bean curd doing, soya-bean milk, beans careful with.

Kidney declines what does anaemia eat

3, low salt food

Sodium salt is absorbed can send sodium water retention too much, can add heavy oedema not only, and can accentuate hypertensive. Accordingly, must restrict sodium absorb, can be in limitation of sodium salt intake according to the illness 2 ~ 3g/d, at the same time abstinence souse food, sauce of element of salt, soy, flavour, ketchup, sanded tea contain many natrium, Shanghai night net

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Treatment and souse can contain sodium the quantity is not little also, because this lives to choose natural food as far as possible dailyShanghai night net

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, white sugar, white vinegar, green, ginger, garlic, the five spices, cinnamonic, Chinese prickly ash, caraway can be used to wait more on cook make food has other local color, increase food palatability.

4, limitative phosphor is ionic

Normally the doctor can open hydrogenous aerification aluminium or carbonic acid calcium tablet, this both all is phosphorous bond, can be united in wedlock with the phosphor in food, make by the eduction in excrement and urine. Divide outside taking phosphorous bond, faster to containing phosphor food if milk products, soda water, but1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Happy, yeasty, splanchnic kind, dry legume, complete kind (bread of unpolished rice, whole wheat) , egg kind, small fish is dry wait to also answer to avoid to be fed more carefully. Chronic kidney declines disease of acerbity blood of high make water, answer to control tall purine food strictly in food, be like product of milk, yoke, pluck, medullary, sea to wait.

Kidney declines what does anaemia eat

5, compensatory quantity of heat

Chronic kidney declines the patient should furnish the carbohydrate of full amount and adipose, make sure enough quantity of heat is decomposed proteinly with decreasing, make the nitrogen of low albumen food gets be usinged adequately, reduce the protein inside body use up. Daily appropriate supplies not less than 30kcal/kg, but edible vegetable oil and sugar, because inferior protein also is contained in rice knead dough, because of1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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This urges a patient but much edible is sweet lotus root starch of powder of potato, taro, potato, yam, lotus.

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