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Beef is us most a kind of food that often eats, and inside contain rich battalion not only1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Raise, return the effect that can develop disease of prevention and cure at the same time. Often have the person of beef, body development is more outstanding, especially broad male, want to make the body more strong, eating a few beef appropriately also is must. So the issue came, if use beef to wrap dumpling to eat, can make what dumpling stuffingShanghai Long Feng forum

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What stuffing dumpling can beef wrap?

Beef dumpling stuffing is wait to give priority to by beef, Bai Luobo should feed capable person, a oil of 13 sweet, Chinese prickly ash, soy dish that regards main condiment place as make it is tasted. The practice that rises through the bag is made and this dish is tasted is become.



Egg white of oil of 13 sweet, Chinese prickly ash, soy, cooking wine, gourmet powder, chicken is right amount


1, ; of chop meat stuffing

2, green Chinese onion and ginger chop are stand-by;

3, prepare condiment, begin to flavor meat stuffing. Put egg Qing Dynasty, cooking wine first, Forum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Soy, 13 sweet, gourmet powder.

4, enter green Chinese onion and Jiang Fang again, begin to move stuffing next.

5, meat stuffing mix up, souse1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Period of time can move dumpling stuffing.

What stuffing dumpling can beef wrap?

6, the beef stuffing of souse is good.

7, Bai Luobo flay is washed clean

8, brush Bai Luobo into silk with eraser, reoccupy knife chop becomes small, put in the basin stand-by.

9, cut off ready green Chinese onion, chop is stand-by.

10, put Bai Luobo in boiled water1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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In, fry, the fish out after boil, pass in cold water. Give Bai Luobo squeezing process next. The material that makes dumpling stuffing at that time is all already ready.

What stuffing dumpling can beef wrap?

11, put beef stuffing in Bai Luobo and green Chinese onion above, irrigating oil of on a few red Chinese prickly ash.

12, add all sorts of condimentLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Hind, agitate divide evenly can.

13, those who pass period of time make, beef dumpling stuffing has been done.

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