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Below normal circumstance, the defecate of darling is yellow, if darling defecate appears white or of green, those who show baby is healthy appeared problem, when some darling drank the milk powder defecate that does not have candy, color appears of white, half of this kind of circumstance is the child appeared more dyspeptic phenomenon, the parent is to need those who rise to take seriously, have treatment in time to darling, drug is used below the doctor’s guidance, on food as far as possible withNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Delicate give priority to.

 Drink without color of defecate of lactose milk powder

Darling indigestion is common phenomenon, pa Mom need not worry too, observe what darling has first unwell, undertake nursing remedial to darling then. Darling indigestion normally

Expressional symptom is:

1, halitosis.

Lacteal dyspepsia sluggish at gastral cavity, often produce bad breath first, especially acid of the halitosis since morning, mouth feeds standstill expression for breast. Pa Mom can discover darling is in morning rises or belch from time to tome very heavy halitosis, this has dyspeptic sign namely, pa Mom wants bring to sb’s attention.

2, anorexia.

Darling indigestion, can appear anorexia, abdominal distension, bowel cries the symptom of phonic hyperfunction, doctor even need not stethoscopic also audibility baby tummy gives out ” murmur ” cry.

3, excessive grandma.

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Often excessive grandma, the child can vomit at big o’clock. Puke has tart flavor but mind is still good, the condition need not worry not badly. Companion of the meeting when vomiting has abdominal pain, the darling expression with lesser age is troubled by uneasiness to cry, big child can recount bellyacke. Abdominal pain is not severe person, can alleviate by oneself. If darling cries all the time,be troubled by more than, must timely seek medical advice.

 Drink without color of defecate of lactose milk powder

4, diarrhoea.

Defecate a day 5, 10, mucky at one’s convenience contains a few moisture to reach grandma piece, the children defecate with largish; of stink having sick at heart is effluvial, companion has food residual eduction.

5, night lies restless.

The child can have heat of fretful, cry, control, night to lie restless, can appear even the circumstance of low fever, the meeting when sleeping kicks a quilt, sweat of the head when just falling asleep is much, to food accumulates sluggish intestines and stomach too much and be heated up inside generation, sleep not quietly.

The reason of darling indigestion

1, the baby is born manage development reason normally.

Peptic development of the baby is not perfect still, digestive juice is secreted not enough also, enzymatic function is not perfect also, stomach and bowelA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Film is tender, digestive function is weaker.

2, hello feed undeserved.

If pa Mom cannot correct feed child, whats eat to the child, bring about child food pledge and the quantity is undeserved, injured intestines and stomach to cause gastric bowel function disorder, the child bilges with respect to meeting occurrence abdomen, spit grandma, defecate rare, have sour taste, wait for dyspeptic symptom.

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 Drink without color of defecate of lactose milk powder

3, other reason.

Antibiotic of inflammation of gastric bowel path, abuse, weather becomes cold, body strength is low and abdomen catch cold catch cold also can cause indigestion.

Darling is long-term dyspeptic, can cause nutriment to absorb inadequacy, digest absorb undesirable, the influence grows development. Darling indigestion should be caused take seriously.

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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