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The candied fruit that Lan makes perhaps squeezes the oil that come out with Chinese olive, and olive oil is oil of a kind of edible not only, it protects skin to still having first-rate effect to hairdressing. But Chinese olive still has other use methods actually, a few people come with respect to use rock candy souse, chinese olive is together bubble water is drunk, can develop an olive to be opposite to the nutrition of human body and rock candy so the medical effect effect of human body, what is the method in the process in olive of souse rock candy so?

 Rock candy olive how souse

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The practice of water of rock candy olive is as follows:

Advocate makings: Chinese olive (white Lan) 50 overcome

Condiment rock candy 30 gram water are right amount

1. olive immerses 5 minutes with brine abluent, with hilt Lan nucleus and pulp depart

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Right amount clear water, small fire is slow after next Lan nucleuses and pulp boil conflagration to leave boil to 15-20 minute

3. joins rock candy to boil 5 minutes again finally can

Cooking skill

1, the impurity that washs face of better scour off with rub of saline leach bubble, also can reduce the agonized feeling; of Chinese olive

2, gains of Xian Gan Lan is solid, detached pulp is a hard work, the safety that should notice a hand oh;

3, the hot drink of Chinese olive water that has boiled, cool drink is OK. Mouthfeel of water of sorching summer ice is much better.

 Rock candy olive how souse

Bloat Chinese olive has what effect

1, bloat Chinese olive can benefit pharynx detumescence

Many tannic acid is contained in the olive of souse, still have a few natural naphtha, with a large number of sweet colophony, these material can moist pharynx and larynx, also can eliminate the inflammation inside human body, can let the red very fast subsidise that inflammation causes, use the olive that feeds salt to go out especially, the effect of benefit pharynx detumescence is more outstanding.

2, bloat Chinese olive can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty

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Honey comes souse olive, after such olive had bloated, its acidity can become weak, flavour compares Gan Tian, can absorb after people edible a large number of water are divided and a variety of nurture pledge, and the minim part that it contains, still can promote human saliva to secrete secrete with gastric juice, often edible promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty effect will be particularly apparent.

3, bloat Chinese olive can be alexipharmic

Chinese olive and edible salt are to have alexipharmic effect special feed capable person, at ordinary times people appears not carefully when bromatoxism, the olive that salt of OK and direct edible gives,

Can have apparently alexipharmic effect, edible salt accelerates toxin metabolization, and and the tannic acid that contains in Chinese olive and sweet colophony alcohol can accelerate human body endotoxin with naphtha decompose.

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 Rock candy olive how souse

4, bloat Chinese olive can solve wine to calm the nerves

Solving wine to calm the nerves also is to bloat one of main effect of Chinese olive, chinese olive itself contains many naphtha and carbohydrate, have certain alexipharmic effect, use it again at ordinary times after honey souse, this kind of its effect will be more outstanding, and honey is returned canFall in love with the sea

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Adjust nerve also can calm the nerves, the tree that this has to had bloated with honey after people drinks at ordinary times not only can see alcoholic drink, still can calm the nerves wake head, the undesirable symptom that after can letting wine, appears disappears very quickly.

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