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Vitamin D is a kind of material with indispensable human body, vitamin D can protect our skin not only, and the assimilation that can promote us. Some population antrum always grows ulcer, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Because lack vitamin D,this is of generation. People can undertake absorbing through normal food, the person’s body cannot synthesize vitamin D directly, what so we need to notice food is balanced. So, can vitamin D eat for a long time?

 Can vitamin D eat for a long time

One, normal demand

1. adult proposal is daily absorbing an amount is 5 μ G.

2. gestation and lactation female ought to increase 1 times right-and-left intake.

3. everyday hands or feet shows 30 centimeters, 30 minutes are basked in below sunshine, prevent the shortage of vitamin D effectively.

Excessive expression: A few scholars think long-term and daily absorb D of vitamin of 25 μ G to be able to be caused toxic, this may include the person with more sensitive D of a few pairs of vitamins among them, but absorb D of vitamin of 125 μ G for a long time everyday affirmative meeting is caused toxic. Toxic symptom is unusually thirsty, eye agnail, skin itching, anorexia, be addicted to sleeps, vomiting, diarrhoea, frequent micturition and calcium are in the unusual precipitation in hemal wall, hepatic, lung, kidney, stomach, joint aches and diffuse sexual bone takes off mineralization. Our country is madeA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Decide vitamin D to be able to be able to bear or endure suffer highest intake to be 20 μ G.

Normal person and patient serum are alkalescent phosphoric acid chroma of enzymatic, calcic, phosphor:

 Can vitamin D eat for a long time

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Need a crowd:

1. is in budding teenage children

Vitamin D is having very main effect to skeletal growth. The teenage children with so medium development, d of right amount and compensatory vitamin can fall in the doctor’s guidance.

2. degrades quality arthritic patient

The person of 40 years old of above, person that like intense sport or is engaged in physical labor suffers from easily degrade sexual arthritis. Vitamin D is calcic to disease of osteoporosis, cartilage, lack qualitative person has very good effect on precaution and cure.

3. often nightwork person

Nightwork person, nun, or the because of dress, lifestyle person that cannot get sunshine adequately wants special attention to be in what vitamin D increases in food to absorb.

4. old people

The main source of vitamin D is the dairy produce that adds nutrition, but because old people lacks lacteal carbohydrase, produce anorexia liability more easily to this kind of food. Need is particularly so a few more compensatory vitamin in order to reduce qualitative prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of the calcium inside old people body.

Female of 5. gestation or lactation

The female during be in this is general and easy devoid vitaminLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
D. Because this wants to notice D of right amount and compensatory vitamin, but also should notice cannot excessive absorbs vitamin D, cause fetal growth easily otherwise abnormal, because this is best,complement has below doctor guidance.

 Can vitamin D eat for a long time

Attention of the person that 6. food does not have the rule

Vitamin D is a kind of vitamin that must absorb everyday, food not regular person misses normal have dinner more easily, this creates nutrient disequilibrium, because this needs compensatory vitamin D.

7. skin is blacker and the person that lives in northern region needs compensatory vitamin D

Because ultraviolet ray crosses the person with blacker skin not easily, because this cannot synthesize many vitamin D; and northward year all sunshine is powerful weaker, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine is weaker also, need D of right amount and compensatory vitamin.

8. lives in the person of city, especially the person of the district that smother pollutes should be absorbedFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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More vitamin D.

The person that lives in city or smother pollution place because the smoke in this ground air is thicker, ultraviolet ray causes many loss slacken in the process of illuminate, synthesize the action slacken of D of human body vitamin. Reason needs complement!

9. if you are taking the medicaments that fights convulsion, must increase pair of vitamin D absorb.

10. is drinkable did not add what the child of vitamin D milk must increase vitamin D to absorb an amount.

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