Fujian is small small company is only door highest can shift city of spring of Fuzhou of preexistence of 3 million rate 3 bright pilot

Financing expensive, financing is difficult the difficult problem that is small small company all the time, small before small company seeks bank loan, should offer pawn commonly or let assure the company assures. But this difficult problem is getting alleviating nowadays, need to buy an insurance only now, can obtain easily highest 3 million yuan loan. A few days ago, ” loan of small small company assures the Fujian Province safe and pilot program ” (the following abbreviation ” plan ” ) had saved a government to consider to agree and print and distribute, first is in city of Fuzhou, spring, 3 bright city are begun pilot, after accumulating experience, popularize stage by stage again.

According to introducing, loan of small small company assures to be sure (the following abbreviation is small borrow danger) it is to show small small company is contented production to run financing requirement, sign with insurance company the loan that is beneficiary beneficiary with the bank assures insurance contract and be the main way that add a letter and bank to sign loan contract to obtain fluidity to borrow money with this, in produce small small company to was not fulfilled by the agreement still shirk obligation and the bank is recovered when waiting for main content of insurance contract agreement if really, by insurance contract by insurance company the agreement assumes the business of liability to pay compensation of loss of major bank loan.

Small small company includes agriculture to grow individual and breed large family, industrial and commercial door etc. Loan fund can be used at satisfying the reasonable circulating fund need in manufacturing process only, must not use at consuming etc utility, also do not get subtenancy another person.

Basis ” plan ” , my province will choose a certain number of is willing that perform social duty, examine and approve flow short, accept ” plan ” clause, intended wish to begin small borrow the commercial上海贵族宝贝

bank with pilot danger and insurance company to begin this professional work. Participate in爱上海

pilot bank and insurance company to want man-to-man talk things over to sign cooperative agreement and sign up for orgnaization of job of pilot city banking to put on record. Agency finance orgnaization but according to small small company real risk and financial condition state execute differential benefit inside certain limitation (cost) rate, but do not get collection to remove insurance premium and loan interest beyond the other charge of any forms.

As we have learned, application is small borrow the small small company of danger to want to satisfy the following requirement: Industrial上海龙凤论坛sh1f

and commercial inside pilot area management department is registered register (agriculture grows except of breed large family) , have fixed management place, it is normal that one year above runs a state; Production is managed accord with national policy, industry to direct, the product has the market, have development latent capacity; Financial condition is good, have capacity of Wu of countervail repay a debt, without illegal behavior; Agriculture grows breed large family is engaged in land contracting manage or dimensions breed aquatics is full 2 years of above; Pilot insurance company and the other condition that the bank sets.

Small borrow danger sheet door loan amount executes differential upper limit: Pilot before two years, small small company is only door loan amount does not exceed 3 million yuan, among them: Agriculture grows breed large family does not 上海贵族宝贝

exceed 1 million yuan, individual and industrial and commercial door do not exceed 1.5 million 上海千花网论坛

yuan. Pilot the 3rd year, corresponding forehead is spent can increase again on original basis 20% .

Small small company can put forward to pilot bank or insurance company small borrow danger application, add by the requirement send relevant material. Pilot during, from accept application to extend not to exceed 10 weekday commonly to loan. After loan expires, small small company can put forward add to borrow add to keep application to pilot bank or insurance company.

Break one’s promise commanding general of small small company is adopted necessary limitative step, its break its promise information is brought into people bank imposes letter system. First pilot city is pilot deadline 3 years. Pilot during, save finance head period arrange 20 million yuan, pilot city presses 1: 1 form a complete set comprises jointly small borrow risk risk to compensate fund (risk compensation also presses 1: 1 partake) .

The respect is superintended in the risk, ” plan ” state orgnaization of job of pilot city banking coordinates the branch such as company of travel of local public security, court, person, industrial and commercial, person to build combi上海同城对对碰交友社区

nation to chase after countervail mechanism and break one’s promise chasten mechanism. Chase after countervail to owe passageway of green of case open up to insurance company subrogation, can entrust tripartite to chase after countervail when necessary, safeguard financial creditor’s rights with all one’s strength.

The money that chase after countervail and silver of basis of the relevant cost that chase after countervail protect scale of loss of risk of cooperative both sides to have share. Small to breaking one’s promise small proprietor of an enterprise takes necessary limitative step, break one’s promise its information brings into people bank to impose letter system.

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