5 cities dispatch drafts a standard to share bicycle to develop Beijing chaos to stop to chaos is put or enter blacklist

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In new network Beijing on April 22 report (Wu Tao) 21 days, beijing traffic appoint associated much branch is released ” the directive opinion that Beijing encourages normative development to share a bicycle (try out) ” (ask for opinion draft) publicly. This is afterwards Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shanghai, Nanjing later, mercery of hair of the 5th town of domestic is like ask for an opinion to stalk of grain.

The publicity that new network combs much ground to share bicycle government policy in asks for opinion draft discovery, many places were mentioned share bicycle cash pledge how is safety of canal, user ensured, share bicycle chaos to stop chaos to put a problem how to govern the topic that waits for masses care.

How cash pledge is in charge of?

— much ground plans to execute tripartite orgnaization to superintend

At present on market, share bicycle business not less cash pledge of metropolis collection user, how safety superintends this part cash pledge is the problem that a lot of users care all the time. Before this, much home media ever had reported, the part shares the situation with bad refund of bicycle business occurrence cash pledge.

This Beijing asks for opinion draft to point out, of collection cash pledge share bicycle business, capital must be opened in this city special account; Fair show cash pledge to return 上海贵族宝贝

time limit, return user fund in time; Department of business management of Chinese people bank is in charge of company capital special account is superintended, and strengthen management of special to company capital account, prevent control user capital venture; Before sharing bicycle business to exit operation, want to the society fair show, return user deposit.

Some shares bicycle business to carry dimension personnel is putting breakdown car into tricycle inside, concentration calls in. New network Wu Tao is photographed in

Shenzhen puts forward in asking for an opinion to stalk of grain before this, of collection cash pledge, must create deposit special account, accept tripartite to superintend, make sure special fund is special.

Shanghai drafts a demand, operation unit the use report that must issue user cash pledge, cash pledge should entrust the financial orgnaization that has aptitude to superintend, accept management department and social all circles actively supervise. No matter be imprest gold or cash pledge, the effectiveness for a given period of time of go back should not exceed 7 days.

— share bicycle business to make known one’s position: Make sure user capital is safe

After Beijing asks for opinion draft to announce, rub do obeisance to and Ofo share bicycle business to make a response to this. Rub do obeisance to a respect to express, gold of be in custody superintends a respect, rub doing obeisance to bicycle is an industry inside the earliest the enterprise that safety of an implementation deposit superintends, 100% ensure all user cash pledge is safe; Fulfil Beijing actively to ask for the relevant requirement in opinion draft at the same time.

Ofo respect expresses, expect relevant section publishs cash pledge standard as soon as possible, make sure user capital is safe and retreat in time take, avoid to share chaos of bicycle industry occurrence cash pledge to resemble. Ofo will cooperate a government actively relevant provision, drive share bicycle standard to develop in order. In the meantime, ofo also feedbacks seasonable actively and offer share bicycle business real operation experience, provide reference to share bicycle occupation standard, standard.

Data chart. Some shares bicycle num爱上海

ber by caustic. New network Wu Tao is photographed in

How is user safety ensured?

— encourage or compulsive enterprise buys insurance for the user

As share bicycle measure increasing, share bicycle traffic accident increasing also. This Beijing releases ask for an opinion not to stalk of grain to give accident ground to mention user safety to 上海夜网

guarantee an issue, requirement, build ride a mechanism of insurance manage compensate soundly, danger of the harm outside encouraging an enterprise to buy person idea for the user and responsibility of a third party are safe, when compensate of manage of user happening insurance, the company should be assisted actively deal with.

Chengdu also drafts a demand, encourage share bicycle business to buy a place difficult of access of responsibility of accident injury insurance and a third party for the user, certain compensatory specified amount is spent, the user of the safe liability accident that right happening should assume compensate of go ahead of the rest to pay duty. And Shenzhen, Nanjing seeks an opinion in its make clear in draft put forward, the enterprise should buy accident of danger of responsibility of a third party, person to wait for insurance nearly.

— more requirement car accords with relative standard Beijing to ask to have tabulator

Besides buy insurance for the user, car itself quality is mattered to directly ride a safety. Beijing asks for opinion 爱上海同城对对碰

draft to ask to share bicycle business to detect regularly car, exit the car that does not accord with quality standard in time. Put in car to should satisfy safety to ride a demand, position of safeguard car technology is good. The enterprise puts in car to answer to accord with country, occupation standard and install satellitic tabulator.

Data chart: The one part near Beijing Summer Palace stops working dot stack shares bicycle. New network Wu Tao is photographed in

Shanghai plans to set, throw the shares a bicycle serviceability rate of operation to answer not under 95% , the breakdown car of devoted operation should procrastinate inside 48 hours from trouble spot, devoted car sum total maintains staff with providing vehicle under the scale of 5 ‰ .

Shenzhen drafts a demand, put in car to should accord with requirement of standard of technology of country, industry, function security, before putting in, detect car product quality management department of transportation of mechanism of public security of city of qualified report newspaper puts on record.

How to if produced traffic accident unfortunately still,do? Traffic accident has besides greatly small, the reason is multifarious also, how is li clear among them responsibility? Beijing seeks opinion draft regulation, the user violates compasses act in the happening in riding a process, the credit that accepts a business restrains the punishment that reachs management department; To riding the traffic accident that produces in travel process, according to public security accident of the branch that make a valve is maintained assume corresponding responsibility.

Stop chaos to put in disorder how to treat?

— Beijing urges a company tag in APP but place area and ban stop an area

Share bicycle to develop up to now, stop chaos to put a problem to be highlighted all the time in disorder. Beijing asks for opinion draft middle finger to go out, want to optimize area of setting bicycle place; Encourage an enterprise to use the method such as electronic map, tag in mobile phone APP but place area and ban stop an area, guide an user to still reach the bicycle but place area; Clear in time violate compasses park car.

Of Beijing ask for an opinion to stalk of grain to still point out, perfect user credence evaluates a system, violate user of compasses break a contact to include an enterprise blacklist to what affirm via checking for many times, restrict its to use jointly.

Data chart: Establish what in Fuzhou subway tea-booth of a line stands to share bicycle to recommend jockey dot. Zhang Bin is photographed

The standard shares bicycle park, outside dividing Beijing, much ground seeks an opinion in its also mention at the same time in draft. Shenzhen drafts a demand, in be not public section (office of the residence, trade) area of place of bicycle of proper上海夜网论坛

motion sett上海龙凤论坛sh1f

ing, take the step such as technology, management, make sure car is mixed by area choose a normative place.

Nanjing plans to set, the net that rent makes an appointment with the use person of the bicycle, the regulation that ought to abide by the relevant law such as road transportation safety, city government, code and regulations reachs consultative agreement, accomplish civilization to ride travel, normative park, care net makes an appointment with the property such as bicycle and park establishment. Must not arrange the network bicycle park be in the unit that close and residential village interior. (Be over)

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