Fan Zhendong of male single of watch of 2019 newest ranks discharges international ping couplet now the world the first

International pings couplet announces the world rank January 2019, before Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin hold the male single two, zhi Hesheng reachs an anticipatory actin of champion of new division total final, Japan the 3rd. Female Chan Dingning replaces Zhu Yuling to enter the place of head of a list of names posted up, before ping holds the country 6 medium 5 banquet, ishikawa beautiful is pure a row the 3rd.

Male single Fan Zhendong continues to rank the 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

first place, xu Xin arrange second place, take total final champion wisdom of an anticipatory actin and farther refresh individual are new rise to the 3rd. Lin Gaoyuan row the 4th, boerdi of German famous general 5, hit into 4 strong Brazil players to block Er heart to pull Nuo on total final – pluvial fruit the 6th. The Li Shangzhu of Korea is discharged in the 7th, the Huang Zhenting of Chinese Hong Kong the 8th, japanese Dan Yuxiao hopes to distribute a line with Shui Gusun the 9th with the 10th.

Of Germany abstruse Qialuofu drops before going out 10 ranks the 14th, the others rank 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

is advanced the 100 countries in ping male single player, because dragon of vole winner horse gets hurt to quit g爱上海同城手机版

ame continuously before this, current a row the 上海千花网

12nd. Liang Jing the 20th, liu Ding Shuo the 41st, week rain plato爱上海

on is in the 61st, zhang Jike is discharged in the 75th, wang Chuqin lists the 83rd Zheng to earth up a peak to rank the 88th.

Female Chan Dingning replaces buy of first place of a list of names posted up of Zhu Yuling return, zhu Yuling arrange second place. Ishikawa beautiful of Japan is pure the 3rd, chen Meng, Liu Shiwen and Wang Manyu divide a the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site 6. Japanese Yi Teng is beautiful sincere the 7th, the Zheng Yi of Chinese Taipei is static the 8th, beautiful eaves of champaign of a Japanese player the 9th, feng Tianwei of Singapore famous general the 10th.

The others rank is advanced the 100 countries in ping female odd athlete, chen Xing is ranked together the 13rd, sun Ying Sha ranks 17, he Zhuojia violent wind rises runner-up of total final a dark horse to the 27th, wang Yi enlighten the 50th, fierce poplar platoon is in the 63rd, gu Yuting the 67th piece of luck the 70th, mu Zi row the 90th, article beautiful platoon is上海龙凤论坛

in the 99th.

Nationality of male single name is integral

1 Fan Zhendong China 17001

The 2 China that make Xin 15835

3 an anticipatory actin wisdom with Japan 14625

14596/td of 4 Lin Gaoyuan China

5 Er Germany 14065

Heart of 6 calories of Er pulls Nuo – pluvial fruit Brazil 13955

7 Li Shangzhu Korea 13359

Hong Kong of China of the court of a feudal ruler of 8 yellow towns 12669

9 Dan Yuxiao hopes Japan 12466

Japan of hawk of 10 water cereal 12165

Nationality of female single full name is integral

China of 1 urge again and again 16515

China of Ling of 2 bright red rain 15969

Pure Japan of 3 Ishikawa beautiful 15248

China of 4 old dreams 15194

China of Wen of 5 Liu poem 15114

6 Wang Manyu China 14880

Sincere Japan of beauty of 7 Yi cane 13880

Taipei of 8 Zheng Yi static China 13801

Japan of 9 champaign beautiful eaves 13065

Singapore of 10 Feng Tian Wei 12580

Original title: International pings responsibility of watch of 2019 newest ranks edits couplet: Lin Xin is firm

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