Initiate culture industry! Korea government will invest 2.5 billion Han yuan initiate game school

The intermediary outside occupying covers, next year of Korea government government will open up endowment 2.5 billion Han Yuanjian establishs ” game school ” . To promote culture core competition ability, ministry of sightseeing of Korea culture sports announced multinomial industry to give aid to the strategy, build ” game school ” namely among them one of, the budget that Korea government offers for its is 2.5 billion Han yuan. This business also is one of the most slashing industry business. Meanwhile, korea government still will assist financing of culture content market group of 500 billion industry of Han Yuan body is multinomial of culture industry give aid to, “Game school ” it is only among them one of, can dedicated Yu Pei raises the professional inside game industry, these game talents also will become the delegate of Korea culture competition ability to devote into the forward position of game industry. Korea government still will urge research and development of technology of VR, AR and construction of estate of movie and TV in great quantities, built Korea film to create a center 2019, training movie industry is relevant talent, predict to will throw 26 billion Han yuan, included what connect with Fusion 5G to apply along with all the others, express in the report, korea future will create the content such as service of content of more commercial pattern, promotion and 360 VR direct seeding.

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