” mysterious maritime space 4 ” development staff discloses make newly function of bleed white PS4

If you saw 16 minutes of newest PS4 ” mysterious maritime space 4 ” video of single person mode, regular meeting believes thoroughly more to the picture show of game, believe this is optimal picture behaves PS4 game absolutely, this is pardonable also, series of mysterious after all maritime space is the picture surveyor’s pole of plane of Suo Ni sport all the time. Do not pass a ground ” mysterious maritime space 4 ” the version that develops personnel, PS4 still has latent capacity to be able to be dug.

” mysterious maritime space 4 ” design chief inspector expresses in interview, he had discovered a few places that can promote, and the programmer of Naughty Dog people all the time very outstanding, they had discovered the drop that works next. Although had seen very hard ” ultimate survivor ” compare ” mysterious maritime space ” take the place of first apparent in that way promotion, in playing a game nevertheless, what the picture can do for certain is better.

The player may know everybody, suo Ni is exhibited extremely likely in E3 game on the new leader that releases PS4.5 property, name likely for PS4K, in order to support the picture of 4K level. Can be the game work of a Naughty Dog in order to understand so, can there be the promotion of older rate on picture show?

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